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Importance of a Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

What is a marketing strategy and how do you develop one for your small business?

Running a business without a marketing strategy is like going to the supermarket without a grocery list—you’ll probably forget something you need and come out with lots of stuff you don’t. Like a grocery list, a focused marketing strategy is a good practice that will help you get to where you need to go.

What is a marketing strategy anyway?

Marketing strategy is a long-term section of your business plan that outlines your overall blueprint for what you want to achieve for your business, and how you’ll attract clients or customers. Sometimes marketing strategy is confused for a marketing plan, but they are different. Your marketing strategy focuses on what you want to achieve from your marketing efforts, and a marketing plan details how you’ll achieve those goals. Both are important, but part of implementing an effective plan requires creating a compelling strategy first.

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Another year and many changes…

As I reflect upon the last year in business, three things are evident:

Everything changes. I work with amazing people. I love what I do.

Change is inevitable and in business, I think the saying should be, “Change is constant”. In May of this year, Jenny left Centric to pursue other opportunities. Her departure from Centric created a lot of questions for me:

      • Do I still want to do this?
      • What does “this” look like moving forward?
      • Does Centric currently “feel” like me?
      • What are my next steps?

As I began to work towards answering these questions, I knew a few things right away—I loved my work, but wanted to make some adjustments to the “what” of my business, my brand didn’t “feel” like me, and I needed to guidance on what this all looked like.

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PASSION: Defining your “why”…

Recently, I was perusing my Pinterest feed and did a search for inspirational quotes. I saw many from the usual suspects—Maya Angelou, Oprah, Ghandi, MLK Jr., and the like—but I came across this gem from Fabienne Fredrickson, “The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” It really struck a chord with me and I thought on it for days. What is the meaning of this? What are my passions? Are they in-line with what my life is? With what my career is? Agh! Stress alert! Thank you, Pinterest, for once again making me feel like I’m failing at life.

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