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Moving Your Business Forward

Another year and many changes…

As I reflect upon the last year in business, three things are evident:

Everything changes. I work with amazing people. I love what I do.

Change is inevitable and in business, I think the saying should be, “Change is constant”. In May of this year, Jenny left Centric to pursue other opportunities. Her departure from Centric created a lot of questions for me:

      • Do I still want to do this?
      • What does “this” look like moving forward?
      • Does Centric currently “feel” like me?
      • What are my next steps?

As I began to work towards answering these questions, I knew a few things right away—I loved my work, but wanted to make some adjustments to the “what” of my business, my brand didn’t “feel” like me, and I needed to guidance on what this all looked like.

After months of reflection and careful consideration, I knew a rebrand was necessary. While Centric’s look may have changed, everything else stays the same. My focus remains on telling the story of your business in a way that clearly defines you in the market. The logo I created invokes a sense of moving forward and combines classic colors and more modern fonts. I hope you like it.

In the midst of this transition, I had nothing but support from the clients that Centric has worked with throughout the years. Even clients who had just begun their relationship with Centric were excited about the next steps. I will be forever grateful for the support of and belief in me and my work. Thank you.

I am thankful to be able to do work I love each day. I do not take my responsibilities lightly, either. I am humbled that business owners trust me to work with them to discover their story, develop their brand identity, and deliver their message to consumers. 

Here’s to another year of moving forward